As of August 2015, CBCAC experienced a shift in staff members. We are sad to see Fiona Feng and Jenny Chiang leave, but we wish them all the best! Fiona is back in China, and Jenny is attending graduate school in Boston, MA.

Currently writing this post is Phyllis Liu. Hello! I am the new AmeriCorps VISTA member at CBCAC and I will be taking on Jenny’s previous work as the Community Outreach Coordinator. I recently graduated from college in May and moved back to Chicago to join CBCAC. I look forward to serving this community!

Debbie Liu has come back to the organization now as the Community Organizer to carry on Fiona’s work. She grew up in Chinatown and volunteered with CBCAC before.

Just recently this month, we acquired our newest staff member, Ken Li. Currently working on his graduate degree, Ken will be working with CBCAC as the Community Financial Associate.

We are very excited to get going, and we hope to work and engage with you, the greater community, and various organizations soon!

As of right now, our biggest project on the drawing table is the Chinatown Vision Plan. We are moving into the Implementation Phase, having just held our first Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, Sep 22. Our various committees are organizing members and planning meeting dates.

Stay tuned for more updates! We will be revamping the website. Check out the Vision Plan here!

Want to get involved? Contact Phyllis, Debbie, or Ken! We are looking to form community focus groups to give feedback on the Vision Plan Committee activities!

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