After the official signing of the Chinatown Community Vision Plan in May 2015, CBCAC is moving into the implementation process. We have currently formed 5 different steering committees to lead the community towards for a better future. They are Committee for Transportation and Circulation, Committee for Education (and Workforce), Committee on Parks and Public Spaces, Committee on Development, and Committee for Residential Community.

The Chinatown Vision Plan provides the following recommendations for the Greater Chinatown area:

  • Safety

  1. Increase activity in key areas and make Chinatown's public areas places where people want to be

  2. Utilize and coordinate all available resources to improve communication to strengthen the community (and reduce crime)Parks and Public Spaces


  1.  Improve the safety of parks and public spaces through effective lighting and landscaping strategies

  2. Engage the stakeholders of Chinatown in the maintenance of their community

  3. Activate parks and public spaces through innovative "placemaking" and enhanced street scoping

  4. Identify priorities for increasing community green space as part of the future redevelopment

  5. Develop effective signage and advertising to increase awareness of park amenities and activities

  • transportation and circulation

  1. Improve the experience of taking transit to, from, and within Chinatown

  2. Improve sidewalk conditions and key pedestrian crossings

  3. Improve bicycling infrastructure

  4. Conduct a comprehensive parking management study

  5. Strengthen the connection between Old and New Chinatown

  • Residential Community

  1. Make Chinatown as "age-friendly" neighborhood

  2. Ensure quality affordable housing by connecting landlords to resources to improve their properties

  • Education and Workforce

  1. Expand access to City of Chicago services for Chinatown's residents with limited English proficiency

  2. Strengthen resources and improve options for students entering high school and their parents

  3. Coordinate English as a Second Language (ESL) training and new occupational programs at the City Colleges of Chicago

  • Economic Development

  1. Leverage partnerships to strengthen training and support for existing local businesses

  2. Strengthen Chinatown's capacity to build upon its tourism potential

  3. Conduct a market study to determine viable options that will increase the diversity of Chinatown's retail to meet residents' needs

  • Future Development

  1. Define community priorities for future development within Chinatown's core

  2. Position the community to work with neighboring communities and benefit from anticipated development in adjacent areas

  • Long-Term Capacity Building

  1. Create a framework for sustained, inclusive community involvement in planning decisions