Welcome to CBCAC youth group, ORIGIN! We are a family; we support each other, care for those around us, lead our community to civic engagement

Here in this group, you can expect:

  •  A team to work on meaningful projects
  • A platform to get  in touch with the community, understand and make change
  • A network to meet new friends outside of your school

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Membership Affairs

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Get to Know ORIGINs

Mission Statement 

The CBCAC ORIGIN Group is a youth led advocacy group whose intent is to make Chicago’s Chinatown a better place for its residents and other communities. We desire to create a more unified and prosperous community that everyone can be proud of.

We want to show those who live in the Chinatown community relevant issues and problems, such as the sanitation and safety that needs to be addressed. We want to educate them about what we can do for Chinatown, why we do it, and awaken people’s sense of belonging to their community.


Partner Orgnizations


Project: Vision

Pui Tak Center

Chinese American Service League


How We Operate

We CBCAC ORIGIN Youth Group are run by highly motivated youth who desire to actively improve themselves, make more connections and give back to our communities. With the help of counselors and advisors, ORIGIN member will get access to various resources such as fundings, mentors, legislators, community organizations to take on challenging projects beneficial to our community as well as self-development. We collaboratively work together to highlight problems throughout our community and inspire community members to unify resources to work on those problems. We, as ORIGIN Youth, can find means to take on community work whether that be having a meeting with local authorities, going door to door knocking, holding meetings with the public, visiting and interacting with partner organizations in other communities, or community projects such as painting a mural, whatever that can inspire more people to engage in our community.

ORIGIN is all youth-run. There will be an elected council in the ORIGIN structure. Leaders and the council will make decision on group affairs, such as membership determination, project priority, events and any issues that will alter the group direction. 




We are always searching for new members who would be a valuable asset for our team. Since we are a youth advocacy group, we mainly recruit high school students but also college students as advisers. Keep in mind that the CBCAC ORIGIN youth group is a year round organization and may require much time for events, meetings, and activities in addition to weekly meet-ups.

We recognize that some may have culture and language disadvantages due to recent arrival into the U.S. This group will be a good choice for you to practice English and learn about the culture. We will provide full support for your effort of fitting in this community.

We welcome college students or young professionals to join us as advisor. The main role for advisor is to guide group member operate their projects. We want to bring professional knowledge and ideas to the youth group in order to help members and participants development skills and earn experiences. Advisors can tie to projects or just join as general advisors.

Simple 3 Steps to Join Us

Joining our group is simply. You only need to finish the following steps:

  • Fill up the Join ORIGIN online form
  • Attend one meeting and introduce yourself
  • Sign the Join ORIGIN form


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Membership Benefits

Benefits in the Origin youth group include helping improve your community you live in, a possible stipend incentive at various program intervals, and access to future employment opportunity through CBCAC partnership network. Other benefits include:

  • Resume enhancement

  • Various workshop beneficial to career and school

  • Leadership training

  • Meet with local authorities such as the Alderman

  • Career Connections and counselor

  • A strong support group and community power

  • Able to join CBCAC partner appreciation events

Certificated Membership

Every member who participates more than 20 meetings or actions will be eligible to attend our annual membership ceremony and get a formal certificate for ORIGIN membership.


ORIGIN Council Members



ORIGIN Advisor