American Fu Jian Business Association

FBA is a home for the businesses founded by the Fujianese community and is a hub where the businesses can find information, networking, and support. The mission of the association is to provide business services, information sharing, management advice, innovative ideas, and resource organizing to its members to support developing diverse markets and to be a positive force for the future development of businesses. The association was established to provide a platform for exchange, to build on the past, and to create a new future so more businesses in the community can realize their dreams.


CAAGC is a nonprofit organization, serving Chinese-Americans in metropolitan and suburban areas of Greater Chicago.  Her mission is to promote cultural, educational, and economic opportunities for Chinese-Americans, build and strengthen healthy relations between China and the U.S., and promote linkages and friendships among different communities in the greater Chicago area.

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The Chinese Alliance Citizens Alliance is a national organization, with chartered lodges across the U.S., dedicated to empowering Chinese Americans by promoting the highest ethics and morals, by practicing and defending American citizenship in its fullest rights and responsibilities, by observing American patriotism, by preserving historical and cultural traditions, and by providing youth leadership and community learning through education.

Chinese American Civic Council

CACC is a nonprofit organization that started in the early 1950s, providing service to new immigrants and assisting those with limited English-speaking ability. CACC’s service objectives are: to contribute its special knowledge and talent to the enrichment of American culture, to demonstrate civic responsibilities through constructive citizenship, to promote better inner-group relations by seeking understanding and by improving our housing, business, and educational standards, to develop parental responsibility in family living, and to motivate conscientious and responsible behavior in youth.

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Chinese american museum of chicago - raymond b. & Jean t. lee center

The mission of CAMOC is to promote the culture and history–through exhibitions, education, and research–of Chinese-Americans in the Midwest. In 2018, CAMOC partnered with the Chicago Community Trust and the Chicago History Museum to construct an object theater dedicated to showcasing stories of the people of Chinatown–their journeys, their customs, their work, and their families. Check out its website for information on current exhibits.

Chinese American Service League

CASL is the largest, most comprehensive social service agency in the Midwest dedicated to serving the needs of Chinese Americans. It was established and exists as a nonprofit community-based social service agency for the purpose of strengthening the physical, economic, and mental health of people of all ages and backgrounds of the Chinese community in the greater Chicago area. This is achieved through programs that help individuals and families with economic self-sufficiency, easing the cultural transitions of integrating into American society, and engaging in advocacy to achieve positive social systemic change.

Chinese consolidated benevolent association of Chicago

CCBA is a nonprofit organization that has historically provided services that include but are not limited to: helping new Chinese immigrants start a new life in the Chicago area and educate them about citizenship, assisting local Chinese families with low English proficiency, and teaching their children the Chinese language. In recent years, CCBA works with government agencies to offer publicly-funded services to seniors in the community. CCBA also works to bring the local community into the American mainstream and help the mainstream understand the Chinese better through the promulgation and sharing of our heritages.

Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1983, the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce's mission is to improve and expand business opportunities and to educate others on the history, and culture of the Chinese American community. As an established Chicago Chinatown community organization, the Chamber serves as the bridge for American corporations and government agencies to connect with Chinese/Asian organizations, businesses, residents and consumers, thereby developing an economic growth network. It also hosts events for tourist, cultural, and educational purposes.

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Chinese Christian Union Church

CCUC was birthed in 1915 to offer Chicago’s immigrant Chinese population a place of Christian worship, where many of the services are in Chinese. The Chinatown building houses the Pui Tak Christian school for preschoolers and the Impact Center. CCUC is also based in the Bridgeport neighborhood as CCUC South and in the western suburbs as CCUC West.

Midwest Asian Health Association

MAHA’s mission is to reduce health disparities for medically underserved, low-income populations in the Midwest though providing culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services, which include community outreach education, screening and immunization, linkage to care, mental health services, and research and policy advocacy. To serve its mission, MAHA collaborates with community-based organizations, health care providers, academic institutions, public health departments, and volunteers.

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Project: Vision

Project: VISION was founded in 2003 by a group of five young people who saw a need to help teens in Chinatown find support and guidance as they navigate through high school and pave a path for a bright future. PV has reached over 600 youths with free after school programs, including tutoring, college and career readiness workshops, service learning, and leadership training.

Pui Tak Center

The Pui Tak Center is a church-based community center started by the Chinese Christian Union Church. Each year, it serves over 3000 individuals who live in Chicago’s Chinatown and surrounding communities. Programs include: Adult Education and Training, Children and Youth, Computer Center, Music Program, New Immigrant Services.

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St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church

St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church is a vibrant, multi-cultural church and is the Center for Chinese Apostolate in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  It promotes Catholic values and serves Chinatown and the surrounding neighborhoods in welcoming all to the Gospel, celebrates the sacraments, and performs charitable works. It is also host to the St. Therese Chinese Catholic School, which is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon school of academic and teaching excellence.