Chinatown Community Vision Plan

The Chinatown Community Vision plan was the result of nearly two years of work led by CBCAC, 25th Ward Alderman Daniel Solis and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. Through the input of over a thousand community residents, business owners, workers, youth and residents, the plan provides a framework for future decision making that aligns with long-term goals.

The plan is based on the following principles:

  • Build upon the past accomplishments and current efforts of Chinatown's community organizations, family associations, business leaders, community residents, and elected officials.

  • Strengthen Chinatown's role as the center of Chinese culture and community for the Chicago area.

  • Foster a lively, safe, clean, and vibrant community that provides a mix of retail, restaurants, services, and other amenities for both visitors and residents.

  • Connect "Old Chinatown" and "New Chinatown," strengthening the community's central core.

  • Facilitate cooperation between the City and business community to attract and maintain thriving businesses.

  • Improve transportation accessibility in and around Chinatown.

  • Strengthen human capital in the community by improving opportunities for education and career development for all Chinatown residents.

The key strategies are in the areas of:

  • Safety

  • Transportation, Circulation and Streets

  • Residential Communities

  • Economic Development

  • Education and Workforce

  • Parks and Public Spaces

  • Future Development

  • Long-Term Capacity Building

  • Community Town Hall Meetings

A community town hall meeting was held on December 9, 2013 at Pui Tak Center to share the key findings of the public engagement process and gather more detailed input from the Chinatown community to help guide the development of the plan.

Another community town hall meeting was held on December 8, 2014 at the Pui Tak Center to present the draft recommendations of the Community Vision Plan to the entire Chinatown community for its review.



  1. Project initiation (April, 2013)

  2. Community outreach and engagement (April – December, 2013)

  3. Study of existing conditions and opportunities (April – October, 2013)

  4. Preliminary recommendations (January – February, 2014)

  5. Development of draft Community Vision Plan (March – June, 2014)

  6. Plan completion and approval (July, 2014 – January, 2015)

  7. Community implementation of plan (begins February, 2015)

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